5 Reasons Smart Marketers Don’t Sell Hype

You see hype in marketing all over the place. Just look in your Facebook newsfeed (Facebook is cleaning this up now). Check you mailbox. Everywhere online. If you’re using this today in your business, it’s costing you big money. The question you may ask is: Why is everyone else doing this? […]

Imagine This Transformation

Kevin was in an all too familiar situation.  Stuck searching for what was missing instead of creating the freedom he got into business for.  Freedom he was looking to create for his family. Kevin was filled with rage because he’d bought from another marketer who promised to atone for all the […]

This Trumps Advertising Every Time

Are you frustrated with your advertising results?  Struggling to get the ROI you’re looking for? For many, advertising becomes a vast ocean they throw countless dollars into.  That frustration causes the masses to say “advertising doesn’t work” to the crowds. Looking at failing campaigns, a majority of the time there is […]

Information vs. Transformation

What happens when you say you want to make $200,000 dollars?  Or you want to take that beach trip? When you say you want something, does it happen?  Do you stop wanting things because they don’t end up happening and it disappoints you? Most business owners I come in contact with […]

How to get unstuck

The question I get asked the most is “How do I get unstuck?” It’s a great question to ask.  Everyone gets stuck. The most valuable tools we can create are how to get unstuck.  These far surpass any sales/marketing/growth consulting information out there. Without knowing how to get unstuck, none of […]