Are you frustrated with your advertising results?  Struggling to get the ROI you’re looking for?

For many, advertising becomes a vast ocean they throw countless dollars into.  That frustration causes the masses to say “advertising doesn’t work” to the crowds.

Looking at failing campaigns, a majority of the time there is one element missing in the puzzle.  This element trumps slick sales copy every time….


“The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.” ~David Ogilvy

If you’re selling a service, the number one thing that will determine the success of your business is the relationship you build with your prospects.

Not flashy marketing.  Great marketing helps though doesn’t replace creating powerful relationships.

Powerful relationships rule the world.

Creating powerful relationships is the number one skill anyone needs to run a successful business.  I know a number of consultants who sign deals with $100,000+ cash upfront who have ZERO marketing.  These deals range from $1,000 to $3,000 PER HOUR.

How’s that for ROI?

How To Create Powerful Relationships.

The core principles of creating powerful relationships are: contribute, powerful distinctions and commitments.

  1. Contribute:  The best way to go out and start a powerful relationship is to help your prospect move forward towards a goal.  It’s simple, yet by far and away the most often overlooked.  Contributing helps the prospect build trust and move closer to their goal.   On the Flip side, it helps you create your ideal client who you can help effortlessly.
  1. Create powerful distinctions:  Would you like to be unforgettable to your prospect?  Create powerful distinctions of where they are at compared to where they would like to go.  There’s no need for the beat them over the head with “sales” language here (as most people teach).  When you make these distinctions binary (either they are living them or they aren’t) it creates clarity on who they need to be to accomplish their goal.  It will also create an experience a prospect will never forget.
  1. Create Commitments:  Contribution and powerful distinctions are most powerful when they are tied in with commitments.  These commitments are what push the relationship forward.  Commitments are what help the prospect move out of the vicious cycle of no results by doing the necessary required actions. Something I’ve learned in our high-performance coaching programs is that if someone is not committed, it’s impossible to get them the results they are looking for.  Also, they are not going to be great clients for me so I would rather know before they pay money (who likes clients that aren’t a good fit?).

If someone is committed and doesn’t have the money it’s of little worry because I can show them how to create the money quickly.

The goal of the process of making powerful relationships is to create your ideal clients.  Ideal clients lighten the workload and keep your business moving full steam ahead.

About the Author Bryan Rider

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