You are passionate about helping people.
You have done things most would dream about.

Yet, you realize there is so much more in life…

The biggest change you face is you realize you are playing inside of what’s truly possible in your life.    Your gut tells you there is more.

Yet, people around you don’t understand.  They want you to stay as you currently are because your current status creates a level of comfort for them.

You feel if you don’t play a bigger game you’ll die with the music inside of you.

I’m an expert at helping entrepreneurs play in their zone of genius.  And here’s what I know about you:

1.  You have a deep longing to make a bigger impact in the world.

You haven’t found deep inner peace with the work you are doing.  This stirs up discontent inside of you.  It comes out in your close, intimate relationships.You are stuck trying to “Have it all” in life.

2.  You have been unable to make all aspects of life work.

Each time you solve one problem, a fire opens up in another area.  Whether it’s work, relationships, health, or spirituality.  Something is always “off”.  Your ideal life is always somewhere out in the future.

3.  You feel an internal conflict inside and you are unsure of what it is.

The more and more successful you get, the more the conflict bubbles to the surface.

4.  You don’t need help

You can coast along for the next 30 years and people will say you’ve had a successful life. You don’t need help to get more of what you’ve created.

5.  You are ready to go beyond the cage you’ve been living in.

You’re no longer willing to stay in the friendly confines of the cage you are in.  You see the walls and have decided that you don’t want to look at them anymore.

My commitment to you is I won’t buy into your story or feed your ego.  You’ve had enough of that.  I’ll listen and see you for who you really are, even when you don’t see it.  I’ll speak the truth so who you really are runs your life.

And you’ll create miracles.

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