shutterstock_152769464“It’s surprising how much we “know” about sales and marketing that simply isn’t true.”

Buying into what we “know” keeps us stuck for months, years and sometimes even decades.  Simple marketing mistakes that are kill businesses. What’s the reason that so many of us are deficient in how to market our business and find our businesses stunted in consequences?  Why is it that some cannot sell their services and others fail to communicate in their marketing?   Why do so many find themselves at a loss for words when they need to express what they do clearly?

The reason for the deficiency is clear.  Most companies are stuck because they don’t communicate their value clearly.

Many companies say “we are the lowest price and the best quality.”  Still others say “we are locally owned” or “we get things done on time.”  Few know how frequently this fails to create a lasting impression with their prospect.  Most companies fall into one of two traps:

Using colorless, flat and ordinary words that don’t resonate.

  1. Using colorless, flat and ordinary words that don’t resonate.
  2. Using over the top “HYPEY” claims like make millions in weeks.

That brings no value.

Value needs to be broken down clearly so the prospect can make a decision to continue the relationship or decide that it’s not for them.

Symptoms Of Not Communicating Value:

  1. Very little of your business is built on referrals and repeat business
  2. You have a very low closing rate on your sales team
  3. You continue to troubleshoot in different areas of the business with little results
  4. Prospects price shop or view you as a commodity in the market

When these symptoms arise, more business owners run to the wrong places to find answers.  They start researching out to write “killer headlines” or they start reading sales training books.  Those solutions don’t solve the problem.

If that’s you and you’ve been struggling to sell, the good news is that you can fix this pretty easily.

You need to focus on describing what you in do 1-3 short sentences in your PROSPECTS words.

Most people get so focused on what they provide they forget about your prospect.  This is the holy grail of sales and marketing.

There are a number of great resources online to do research.  (Read more about those resources here)

The quicker you can communicate value, the easier your job gets later in the process.

Think about this:  Do you want to sell to everybody?  Or just to people who have a specific need you fill?

It’s much more profitable to tailor your message to a very small audience segment that is going to resonate with you.

For example, for my “When Results Matter” brand, my messaging is:

“We get to the heart of the matter of why individuals give their blood, sweat and tears to their business and fail to produce the intended results.  We help you develop the missing skill-set, which gives you the confidence to be bold and achieve goals that are considered unreasonable for most people.”

That message is all about a very specific problem.  Helping people who would like to move life forward by accomplishing their goals.  It’s assuming that they are stuck in the process (or need help) because if they weren’t, they would not be looking for help.

This narrow niche that I market to makes a lead who fills out the form 10x more qualified than a more “generic” or “hypey” offer.

Take this information and work on your offer.  Keep it concrete and watch your sales conversions rise.

If this article resonated with you and you’d like help crafting an offer that resonates with your market, then check out our “Offer Mastery” program.

It will show you exactly how to research your offer to speak directly to your audience.

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