“Just one idea can change your life,” said legendary motivator Earl Nightingale.

And that idea changed my life!

shutterstock_163814327I’ll never forget hearing those words back when I was cleaning buildings as a way to make it by.  Twenty-five, broke and looking for a way out while I was talking to my mentor.

As we spoke, it dawned on me that despite all my years of school and business, no one had taught me how simple success can really be.

I knew true business transformation had happened when I was on a first class flight to Vienna, Austria for my consulting contract in the Middle East.

What I changed is the quickest way I know how to turn around a business: Change my offer. I didn’t go make something up.  I knew that was unethical.  What I did is learn how to clearly articulate the value I offered to prospective clients.

SIMPLE….  Profound…  Life Changing…

If you’re struggling to get front-end sales, referrals or have a poor closing rate, chances are the issue stems from you produce or service offering. Good news, you can fix it fairly quickly over a weekend if you focus. Fixing my offer increased my income from $25,000 to $170,000 in a 60-day period while working 60% less.

What Creates Massive Impact

The key for you getting turn-around results in your business is to understand exactly what problems you can solve and know what issues the marketplace is having. Maybe you’ve heard that before, though most of the business problems stem from not going deep enough into the prospects psychology and what they are struggling with.

Thankfully, we can do this over a weekend. We are going into the 80/20 of writing an offer.  80% of the effectiveness of your offer will be from the research you do. You can do quite a bit of research with mostly free tools.

One tool I recommend you having is SEMrush which is about $79.00 a month.  It will be well worth the price as you write your offer. The idea of research is to understand what messages are activating the market and what people are buying.

The easiest way to do this?

Listen to them!

The web is an incredible listening tool if used properly.  People are telling you directly in their rants what their issues are. Are you listening? Chances are, your competitors aren’t so if you start using this weapon you can turn around your business in no time.

What you need to do is set up a listening strategy across Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter as using other competitor resources. The key to listening is to throw out 95% of what is being said.  The weak offer focuses of people who don’t take a distinct stand in the market are not where the gold is.

The gold lies in the polarized 5% of the market who are going to fight viciously for what they stand for and will give you clues to what the most important buying behavior is. The reason listening to these 5% is they will be the most ready to buy a product or service.

Notice how we haven’t talked at all about how you can serve the market yet?

Because it doesn’t matter until we know what they need. Once you have charted out the “polarizing” 5% of the market you wish to write to, next you want to find the opposite 5%. An example would be if you were writing about a staunch republicans stance on abortion, you would want to compare that with a far left liberal democrats stance as well. Comparing these two views will give you all the ammunition you need to come up with your offer. Whatever side you are going to represent, you also need to be able to say what you DON’T represent.

If you can bring out both polarizing emotions, you will be able to rally support for your offer. Once you’re done with the research, the offer should pretty much write itself and you won’t be guessing if your offer will work.

If you’re intimidated by this process or would like help on making the process work, then check out our Offer Mastery.  The Offer Mastery will walk you through exactly how to do the research as well as help you construct a high converting offer for your business.

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