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rRYMtsOd_400x400Struggling college baseball player turned international sales growth expert

Hi, I’m Bryan. Struggling college baseball player turned international sales growth expert and avid traveler (54 countries and counting).

My clients call me the international man of mystery because I’m always working behind the scenes for companies who need growth in the toughest of markets.

I’ve grown 5 businesses to over 2 million dollars and worked with 2 billionaires, a Prime Minister and hundreds of small businesses.

Early on, I got kicked around in the small business world because I couldn’t figure out how to sell successfully. I was always lowering my fees, stressing about money and could never hire well because I didn’t know where my next sale was coming from.

I tried all the high-pressure sales tactics, active listening, 101 closes and every other tactic I could read in a book or learn at a seminar. I decided that if I had to sell that way, I didn’t want to be in business.

Then I discovered a simple, 3-part approach to business growth that allowed me to be myself and still grow my business and not use all the sleazy sales tactics people hate.

That helped me go from a struggling owner to international contracts in 3 countries in 4 months (and the time freedom to travel where I want, when I want).

This 3-part strategy became the foundation of each company and has helped countless business owners break $20,000 a month (many from scratch) WITHOUT having to work 80 hours a week.

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