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Oct 23

5 Reasons Smart Marketers Don’t Sell Hype

By Bryan Rider | Blog

You see hype in marketing all over the place. Just look in your Facebook newsfeed (Facebook is cleaning this up now). Check you mailbox. Everywhere online.

If you’re using this today in your business, it’s costing you big money.

The question you may ask is: Why is everyone else doing this?

And the answer is because they’ve been told it works.

Really, that is just a lie by omission.

If you saw the bank accounts of the info-companies who said it works you’d know what I mean.

Now, look at where the SMART money is… The marketers who are truly making money hand over fist… Turning massive windfalls of profits… You’ll see that they are using a very different type of marketing.

They’ve learned that selling “hype” doesn’t work for these 5 reasons:

 Why Selling Hype Doesn’t Work

    1. It Attracts The Wrong Type Of Customers If you’ve ever owned a business and attracted the wrong kind of customers, you know what I mean. If your product involves your prospect having to do anything to get a result, hype can stop you dead in your tracks and opens you up for lawsuit. Just ask REDBULL who was just sued for 13 million dollars for falsely claiming, “It gives you wings”. For a small business, these types of customers are disastrous.


    1. Great Customers Don’t Like That Type Of Marketing – Let me tell you a secret: Great customers – The ones that stay for years and years, buy everything you own and get massive results from your products… They don’t like those types of ads.One of the first things I learned after focusing my time on signing lucrative deals is people who are solid earners (over $100K) like marketing that is classy. They are not the “opportunity seekers” hypey marketing attracts. Though if you can demonstrate to this crowd, you can help them, they are HAPPY to pay you premium fees so long as you deliver.


    1. It brands you as a snake oil salesman: I’m sure you’ve seen used car salesman described this way. You know the ones going to say anything to make a sale. Lie to your face. All they care about is their income and could care less if you fell in a ditch after they made the sale.If you do a little digging around online, you see that is exactly how people refer to people who write “hypey” marketing pieces as well.Not good for long term business.


    1. Most Paid Ad Networks Don’t Allow It: If you’re heard anything about the Facebook crack down that’s happened (Read about it here), you know Facebook was targeting companies who were selling “get rich quick, do nothing and loose weight, etc.” Much of it had a hard sales pitch and hyper internet marketing claims. Google cleaned up the user experience years back as well.The reason being that most people HATE those ads. Especially the higher end clientele who do much of the purchasing. Both ad networks would like to match their user experience (hence the term native advertising).The ad networks give you the best chance at expanding your business rapidly in the future. It’s not possible with paid ads.


    1. It Just Plain Doesn’t Work: Think about it – wouldn’t Facebook and Google allow things if they worked to get clients? Of course. They are in the business of making money as well. The truth is, writing “hypey” copy just doesn’t work. I burned through tens of thousands of dollars of sales copy and paid traffic to discover on my own that “hype” doesn’t sell. Ask other successful business owners as well and they’ll tell you the same thing.


What works 10 times better is writing marketing that magnetically attracts your ideal client and flies under the radar. It’s a type of marketing that bonds you with your audience and shows you are first and foremost there to help.Ask any marketer and salesman in the world, and they’ll tell you that when you get to those situations, what I call “stealth selling”, it’s the most powerful place to sign clients effortlessly on the planet.


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Schedule A Discovery Call
Sep 24

Are You The Sucker At The Sales And Marketing Table?

By Bryan Rider | Blog

shutterstock_147573383Have you fallen victim to being the sucker in sales and marketing?

There is a great quote from Rounders, which is the best movie about Poker of all time:

“Listen, here’s the thing.  If you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you my friend are the sucker.” 

The sucker is the person who gives their money to people without getting anything in return.

This is something that pisses me off so much; people who take money that is unearned. This is happening extensively in the sales and marketing industry today (especially in the Guru/IM niche).

I end up getting quite a few clients who have bought from these other companies because I can speak to exactly what is happening. Though for every client I get there are 10 others who are wasting $5,000+ on these guys.

Hopefully, that won’t happen to you.

Here’s how you spot the “sucker” and save your money:

What The SUCKERS Are Looking FOR

These types of marketers are preying on very specific buyer personas. Prospects who are motivated by serving the market and pleasing clients.  Clients who aren’t going to speak up about the lack of service.  They’ll say “This is just the way it is”.

What Their Process Looks Like

The buying process is what should tip you off about how they sell. They provide no value up front. They do nothing to build a relationship with you.  Because, let’s face it, they are there for the money and not the relationships. You are a check they are hoping to put in the bank account.

It’s very common that right after you give them your email address (usually by a squeeze page) they are trying to sell something to you right away. They do whatever they can to get you on the phone for a so called “strategy session”. Make no mistake about it, this is a hardcore sales pitch where they are going to manipulate you into buying.

If you don’t buy, they are going to use a number of used car sales tricks to tell you that you’re not serious about your business…. That you’ll never get results because you’re unwilling to invest.   If you need a minute to think about it, they’ll call you stupid for needing to think.

YOU are just a pawn in their game.


When You Get No Results, They Say “IT’S YOUR FAULT!”

Much like the sales process, once you buy from them they could care less about you. They are off to conquer some other sale and make someone else the sucker.

No results with their products? The default answer is “If you were committed you would get results.” There’s no responsibility on their part to deliver any value.

They say you should have known XYZ before you bought (which by the way, they wouldn’t tell you if you asked).


How To Not Get Robbed

It’s hard to do your homework on the internet because people can write false testimonials or lie in their marketing materials. It’s not ethical, though people do it every day.

The biggest thing is to be aware of the tactics they use to sell. I’ve worked with over 20 companies that were doing over 10 million dollars in revenue. NONE of them had a sales process that was offensive to a prospect on a conscious or subconscious level.

If you are unsure, take some time to make a decision. Many times if you do this, you’ll see the TRUE colors come out.

I hope this article was beneficial for you. I’m passionate about fighting against this because we as business owners work hard for our money. We help people get where they want to go and we expect others to be just as helpful.

Sad thing is, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Sep 16

Confessions Of An International Sales And Marketing Consultant

By Bryan Rider | Blog

UN Flag

Working With the UN in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq

Have you ever worked on solving a sales and marketing issue with a marketing consultant?

They’ll tell you marketing problems are complex and hard to fix…. Though that’s not usually the truth.

I’m going to pull back the curtains on creating marketing that works and the lies that you’re told daily by so called marketing professionals.

These marketing professionals usually make the issue seem complex because they are:

  1. Wanting you to spend large sums of money for very little work.
  2. Not wanting to take any type of responsibility for producing winning results.

I’m going to do something here I hate doing because it has nothing to do with you getting results. It’s a must though because you don’t know me from the guy peddling high end products down the street.

I’m consulted across the globe, traveling to 50 countries working on projects ranging from marketing conference centers to supplying goods and services into an emerging economy that was suppressed by war. I’ve worked for two billionaires, directly for the office of a Prime Minister as well as coordinated communications and provided support for 22 senior officials. My company has been contracted by the UN, the United States Government as well as 8 other governments to provide services.

Many times I’ve had to put the company and myself on the line and we were the link to success for these delegations. We didn’t have the choice at failure so we had to get down to the bottom of the issue. I’ve made a living out of making problems simple to solve.

I’m here to tell you that many times what you see as a complex sales and marketing issue can be a simple fix if you know where to look.

Knowing where to look is what will save you months and years of frustration.

Instead of talking about how we make the issues more complex than they are…. And why marketers make them more complex…. (I could write a library on those topics).

Albert Einstein said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

I’m going to give you two of the most common “complex” issues and make them simple so you can cut through the fog.

Problems That Stay Are Not The Problem

You’re a smart business owner. If you knew exactly what the problem was you’d work on it and it would go away.

So if the problem is lingering, look for the underlying cause.

A problem I hear about all the time is I don’t have enough qualified leads coming in the funnel.

So they follow the advice of most marketers and content out there.

The business owner goes out and starts buying Facebook Traffic, Google Traffic, Linkedin Traffic, Display traffic and whatever other strategies fit his business.

90% of the time this just blows a hole in his wallet.
Why? Because traffic isn’t the issue. The sales message is the issue.

The problem gets worse because most marketers don’t know how to address the core problem so they blame it on market conditions, poor sales process and anything else that keeps the owner searching for more (and spending more dollars). There’s also truth that some people in the industry won’t identify this because they want their clients to continue coming back to buy more.

Truth is, they need feedback from a professional or to talk with potential clients about what part of the sales message is confusing. I’ve never seen an effective sales message that wouldn’t work across multiple marketing channels.

Deal with the source of the issue, not make it worse.

Low Sales Problem Gone Bad
Another common issue that is very easy to fix is low sales conversions with your team.

I’ve seen six figures spent on sales training to help solve the “sales issue” without so much as an uptick in closing percentages. When sales don’t go up, the “sales professional” is forced to say that the sales team is poor, the market isn’t hot, the people aren’t dedicated enough, etc.

The sales issue becomes more complex with the trainer instead of easier to solve.
The prospect doesn’t have absolute clarity on the value he is getting for his money.

This lack of clarity has 2 causes, both easily fixable:

  1. The lead qualification process is too broad. The prospect isn’t qualified over time with clarity providing messages. The solution is to tighten the top of the funnel qualification process as well as the mid-funnel behavioral identification.
  2. The sales strategy attempts to hard sell the prospect which is offensive on a conscious or subconscious level. If someone is hard selling, it’s because the marketing message is not complete. There is NO reason to ever hard sell someone in the professional world.

Solving a sales and marketing problem is no more complex than 8th grade math for someone who understands how to clearly communicate value. For someone who is unclear, it seems like finding the answers of the universe.

Additional Resources For Reading:

Do You Make These Mistakes In Sales And Marketing?
Turn Your Business Around In A Weekend 

If you would like help making yours sales and marketing problems go away, then I invite you to fill out an application to talk with me or one of my associates.

We can help these problems go away through coaching or done for you marketing services, depending on what’s appropriate.

Most importantly, remember that most problems are more simple than they first appear.

Sep 09

Imagine This Transformation

By Bryan Rider | Blog

Bryan Rider
Kevin was in an all too familiar situation.  Stuck searching for what was missing instead of creating the freedom he got into business for.  Freedom he was looking to create for his family.

Kevin was filled with rage because he’d bought from another marketer who promised to atone for all the past sins of people not providing results.  Yet the marketer didn’t take responsibility and further cemented the belief that he didn’t have the skill-sets to create the freedom he was looking for.

He started to feel the doubt and disrespect from his family and friends because his business was not taking off.  Sure, he was doing $10,000 a month in revenue, though just a fraction of that made it to the bottom line.

He clearly didn’t trust himself to get results because he had failed over and over again.  He started to wonder if he would EVER find a solution or if his business was doomed.

Kevin was very hesitant because he’d been burned in the past and failed over and over.  He stopped trusting himself to get results.  He didn’t really have another way out of the mess, so he decided to take action instead of letting the opportunity go as the one who got away.

On June 15 Kevin got into the Extraordinary Life Program.  He learned very quickly that his past didn’t matter and would have no bearing on his future.

Before, he had only worked on issues that he though he could SEE.  None of those concepts he had worked on before moved the needle forward.  It wasn’t that he needed more traffic, more marketing or more sales training.

What he needed to do was understand Extraordinary Life Methodology BEFORE he addressed those concerns.

When Kevin started working through the transformation principles and understanding his customer, his business changed.

It wasn’t an overnight riches story.  It was an understanding of knowing how he could best serve his clients.  He started to understand that the marketer’s lack of knowledge of what was needed reinforced his beliefs and disappointments as reality.

By putting in the work, Kevin had a record month in August in his business. He sold $42,000, 3x more than any of his previous months.

He was finally able to vindicate the passion he had for his business and reap the rewards.  His daughter was proud that he could pay cash for her first semester at college instead of finding some way to finance it.

Kevin’s business will never be the same going forward.


For Kevin to live the extraordinary life, it wasn’t about some magic pixy dust.  It was having clarity on what was holding him back and then feeling empowered to move life forward.

By taking those steps the constant though of what was missing in the business went away and the fear that his business was at the mercy of the government and other market conditions. 

Now Kevin is one of the few business owners who has established the core principles that will never be taken from him


Aug 25

Do You Make These Mistakes In Sales And Marketing?

By Bryan Rider | Blog

shutterstock_152769464“It’s surprising how much we “know” about sales and marketing that simply isn’t true.”

Buying into what we “know” keeps us stuck for months, years and sometimes even decades.  Simple marketing mistakes that are kill businesses. What’s the reason that so many of us are deficient in how to market our business and find our businesses stunted in consequences?  Why is it that some cannot sell their services and others fail to communicate in their marketing?   Why do so many find themselves at a loss for words when they need to express what they do clearly?

The reason for the deficiency is clear.  Most companies are stuck because they don’t communicate their value clearly.

Many companies say “we are the lowest price and the best quality.”  Still others say “we are locally owned” or “we get things done on time.”  Few know how frequently this fails to create a lasting impression with their prospect.  Most companies fall into one of two traps:

Using colorless, flat and ordinary words that don’t resonate.

  1. Using colorless, flat and ordinary words that don’t resonate.
  2. Using over the top “HYPEY” claims like make millions in weeks.

That brings no value.

Value needs to be broken down clearly so the prospect can make a decision to continue the relationship or decide that it’s not for them.

Symptoms Of Not Communicating Value:

  1. Very little of your business is built on referrals and repeat business
  2. You have a very low closing rate on your sales team
  3. You continue to troubleshoot in different areas of the business with little results
  4. Prospects price shop or view you as a commodity in the market

When these symptoms arise, more business owners run to the wrong places to find answers.  They start researching out to write “killer headlines” or they start reading sales training books.  Those solutions don’t solve the problem.

If that’s you and you’ve been struggling to sell, the good news is that you can fix this pretty easily.

You need to focus on describing what you in do 1-3 short sentences in your PROSPECTS words.

Most people get so focused on what they provide they forget about your prospect.  This is the holy grail of sales and marketing.

There are a number of great resources online to do research.  (Read more about those resources here)

The quicker you can communicate value, the easier your job gets later in the process.

Think about this:  Do you want to sell to everybody?  Or just to people who have a specific need you fill?

It’s much more profitable to tailor your message to a very small audience segment that is going to resonate with you.

For example, for my “When Results Matter” brand, my messaging is:

“We get to the heart of the matter of why individuals give their blood, sweat and tears to their business and fail to produce the intended results.  We help you develop the missing skill-set, which gives you the confidence to be bold and achieve goals that are considered unreasonable for most people.”

That message is all about a very specific problem.  Helping people who would like to move life forward by accomplishing their goals.  It’s assuming that they are stuck in the process (or need help) because if they weren’t, they would not be looking for help.

This narrow niche that I market to makes a lead who fills out the form 10x more qualified than a more “generic” or “hypey” offer.

Take this information and work on your offer.  Keep it concrete and watch your sales conversions rise.

If this article resonated with you and you’d like help crafting an offer that resonates with your market, then check out our “Offer Mastery” program.

It will show you exactly how to research your offer to speak directly to your audience.

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Aug 22

How To Turn Your Business Around In A Weekend

By Bryan Rider | Blog

“Just one idea can change your life,” said legendary motivator Earl Nightingale.

And that idea changed my life!

shutterstock_163814327I’ll never forget hearing those words back when I was cleaning buildings as a way to make it by.  Twenty-five, broke and looking for a way out while I was talking to my mentor.

As we spoke, it dawned on me that despite all my years of school and business, no one had taught me how simple success can really be.

I knew true business transformation had happened when I was on a first class flight to Vienna, Austria for my consulting contract in the Middle East.

What I changed is the quickest way I know how to turn around a business: Change my offer. I didn’t go make something up.  I knew that was unethical.  What I did is learn how to clearly articulate the value I offered to prospective clients.

SIMPLE….  Profound…  Life Changing…

If you’re struggling to get front-end sales, referrals or have a poor closing rate, chances are the issue stems from you produce or service offering. Good news, you can fix it fairly quickly over a weekend if you focus. Fixing my offer increased my income from $25,000 to $170,000 in a 60-day period while working 60% less.

What Creates Massive Impact

The key for you getting turn-around results in your business is to understand exactly what problems you can solve and know what issues the marketplace is having. Maybe you’ve heard that before, though most of the business problems stem from not going deep enough into the prospects psychology and what they are struggling with.

Thankfully, we can do this over a weekend. We are going into the 80/20 of writing an offer.  80% of the effectiveness of your offer will be from the research you do. You can do quite a bit of research with mostly free tools.

One tool I recommend you having is SEMrush which is about $79.00 a month.  It will be well worth the price as you write your offer. The idea of research is to understand what messages are activating the market and what people are buying.

The easiest way to do this?

Listen to them!

The web is an incredible listening tool if used properly.  People are telling you directly in their rants what their issues are. Are you listening? Chances are, your competitors aren’t so if you start using this weapon you can turn around your business in no time.

What you need to do is set up a listening strategy across Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter as using other competitor resources. The key to listening is to throw out 95% of what is being said.  The weak offer focuses of people who don’t take a distinct stand in the market are not where the gold is.

The gold lies in the polarized 5% of the market who are going to fight viciously for what they stand for and will give you clues to what the most important buying behavior is. The reason listening to these 5% is they will be the most ready to buy a product or service.

Notice how we haven’t talked at all about how you can serve the market yet?

Because it doesn’t matter until we know what they need. Once you have charted out the “polarizing” 5% of the market you wish to write to, next you want to find the opposite 5%. An example would be if you were writing about a staunch republicans stance on abortion, you would want to compare that with a far left liberal democrats stance as well. Comparing these two views will give you all the ammunition you need to come up with your offer. Whatever side you are going to represent, you also need to be able to say what you DON’T represent.

If you can bring out both polarizing emotions, you will be able to rally support for your offer. Once you’re done with the research, the offer should pretty much write itself and you won’t be guessing if your offer will work.

If you’re intimidated by this process or would like help on making the process work, then check out our Offer Mastery.  The Offer Mastery will walk you through exactly how to do the research as well as help you construct a high converting offer for your business.

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Jun 12

This Trumps Advertising Every Time

By Bryan Rider | Blog

Are you frustrated with your advertising results?  Struggling to get the ROI you’re looking for?

For many, advertising becomes a vast ocean they throw countless dollars into.  That frustration causes the masses to say “advertising doesn’t work” to the crowds.

Looking at failing campaigns, a majority of the time there is one element missing in the puzzle.  This element trumps slick sales copy every time….


“The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.” ~David Ogilvy

If you’re selling a service, the number one thing that will determine the success of your business is the relationship you build with your prospects.

Not flashy marketing.  Great marketing helps though doesn’t replace creating powerful relationships.

Powerful relationships rule the world.

Creating powerful relationships is the number one skill anyone needs to run a successful business.  I know a number of consultants who sign deals with $100,000+ cash upfront who have ZERO marketing.  These deals range from $1,000 to $3,000 PER HOUR.

How’s that for ROI?

How To Create Powerful Relationships.

The core principles of creating powerful relationships are: contribute, powerful distinctions and commitments.

  1. Contribute:  The best way to go out and start a powerful relationship is to help your prospect move forward towards a goal.  It’s simple, yet by far and away the most often overlooked.  Contributing helps the prospect build trust and move closer to their goal.   On the Flip side, it helps you create your ideal client who you can help effortlessly.
  1. Create powerful distinctions:  Would you like to be unforgettable to your prospect?  Create powerful distinctions of where they are at compared to where they would like to go.  There’s no need for the beat them over the head with “sales” language here (as most people teach).  When you make these distinctions binary (either they are living them or they aren’t) it creates clarity on who they need to be to accomplish their goal.  It will also create an experience a prospect will never forget.
  1. Create Commitments:  Contribution and powerful distinctions are most powerful when they are tied in with commitments.  These commitments are what push the relationship forward.  Commitments are what help the prospect move out of the vicious cycle of no results by doing the necessary required actions. Something I’ve learned in our high-performance coaching programs is that if someone is not committed, it’s impossible to get them the results they are looking for.  Also, they are not going to be great clients for me so I would rather know before they pay money (who likes clients that aren’t a good fit?).

If someone is committed and doesn’t have the money it’s of little worry because I can show them how to create the money quickly.

The goal of the process of making powerful relationships is to create your ideal clients.  Ideal clients lighten the workload and keep your business moving full steam ahead.

Apr 29

Information vs. Transformation

By Bryan Rider | Blog

What happens when you say you want to make $200,000 dollars?  Or you want to take that beach trip?

When you say you want something, does it happen?  Do you stop wanting things because they don’t end up happening and it disappoints you?

Most business owners I come in contact with have a hard time reaching those goals (why else would they be contacting me?)

What if, you could learn a way to make your words powerful and create that reality?  And it wasn’t some fairytale and pixy dust method?

Would you be interested?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Have you been stuck in the same place for years, without much progress?  Do you keep chasing more information, finding out that isn’t the solution?

I know I did that for 5 years.  Read every marketing book, bought every course.  Without results.  I lost a lot of trust in people.

Then, I learned how to create and achieve the goals I wanted.

I’m going to let you in on a secret:  Getting to your goals is about 10% information and 90% transformation.

That explains why you can buy the best information in the world on exactly how to do something….  And you can go out and use that information….  And still not get results.

It’s one of the most frustrating things in the world.

So how did I turn information into results?

I learned the language of success.  That language has 7 powerful distinctions.  If you’d like to learn those distinctions, click here and fill out the form and you can get the email series.

Bryan Rider

P.S  If you’re unable to create the exact results you want, then you should take me up on a strategy session.  Beyond marketing, I’ll show you how to create results faster than you ever have before.


Apr 29

How to get unstuck

By Bryan Rider | Blog

The question I get asked the most is “How do I get unstuck?”

It’s a great question to ask.  Everyone gets stuck.

The most valuable tools we can create are how to get unstuck.  These far surpass any sales/marketing/growth consulting information out there.

Without knowing how to get unstuck, none of that sales and marketing information matters anywhere.

I know I’m talking a bit advanced here.  Though what happens is most people think that the next marketing information or latest sales information will solve their problem.

It never does.

What is needed are the foundational skills to get unstuck.

I’ve learned to master these skills from Dusan Djuvisk’s book Straight Line Coaching.  You can buy Straight Line by clicking here.

The three distinctions of the book you need to understand to get unstuck are the 3 types of people.

  1. Straight line –  People who take a straight line from A (where they are at) to B (where they are going).  Straight-line people produce the result in the shortest time possible.  Very few people live the straight line life.  Most live in one of the other two areas.
  2. Circular thinking –  These are the people who believe success has to do with the right information.  SO they are constantly chasing the right information to create the result.  They never produce the result they are looking for.
  3. Zig-Zag thinkers –  Zig Zag people constantly start projects and they stop.  They get the momentum and progress part of the way down the path then they stop.  This becomes a constant pattern that they don’t create the results they want.

Where are you operating from?

If you’re not producing the results you would like to create then I would highly recommend reading the book.
In fact, if you read the book, I’d love to spend an hour on the phone with you coaching you through the “distinctions”.  No sales pitch in disguise.

I’m doing this for two reasons…
— One, I’m committed to helping more people create change. The best way I can do this is by having powerful conversations on the phone.
— Two, I know that at least one of the three people I have a conversation with will know someone who will want to be my client to have these conversations on a regular basis.

And even if you think you don’t know anyone, that’s ok.
My first goal is to serve you – to help you get what you really want.

All you have to do is buy the book and then forward it to my assistant and she’ll set up a time for a call

Looking forward to talking with you.


Apr 17

Why 95% of business owners are creating jobs instead of assets and how YOU can change this.

By Bryan Rider | Blog

Did you get into entrepreneurship wanting to build a job?

How about a prison?

Then you need to read this article, because I’m about to show you how you’re probably building a business you do not want.

First a quick story to set the stage…

I was in Istanbul, Turkey with celebrity entrepreneur BB Andersen working on a management-consulting project for a client.

I was pretty green to the whole international consulting game. Choking down a $50 cigar while we were negotiating a business deal, we got into looking at the numbers.

From the outside the business was very profitable.  800K a year profit and a solid growth curve. Guy wanted 3x bottom line to sell it.

BB looked through everything, took a puff off the cigar and said that the business was worth a million dollars MAX.

Things got a little tense and the owner said he was insulted.

Then BB asked the million dollar question:  “If you died tomorrow would your business still run?”

That my friend is a powerful question:

Why Profit Is A Poor Indicator Of Business Valuation

If you answer no to that question you have to face the brutal honesty that you have a job (it may be high paying, though you’re tied to it).

This is always a sore subject with some of my guru friends who own these prisons.  Where if they don’t work they get no paycheck from their clients.

Here are some other questions to ask:

How much money did you earn LAST MONTH from work you finished 5 years ago?

If you wanted to sell your business this year, could you?

Shift From A Job To Building An Asset To Make More Money

So before we talk about how to make the shift, lets look at a huge positive:  As businesses work to create assets they usually make a lot more MONEY!

Take our Turkish Client.  He went from 800K a year to 2.1 Million in 12 months.  And he was working only about 6% of the time he was working before.

I know the math does not seem to work.  Yet, when you get it there is a palm to forehead moment as you see building an asset means you work less and have more to spend.

When you build an asset, the focus is on creating income WITHOUT having to be involved in the income generation.

Whenever you can do this the asset is VERY sellable.

When the asset is sellable, investors will become VERY interested and pay a premium.

And you’ll be able to spend more time on the beach.