Why Info Products Fail To Get Results


Is there a more misunderstood word in our language?  We throw commitment around like a rag-doll at a slumber party.  Yet without the depth of knowledge on what commitment really is, your business will struggle.

I screwed this one up for 8 years of my life.  For 8 years I was committed to collecting information and not getting results.  Didn’t seem like it at the time, though with proper perspective it became quite clear.

True commitment is like a law.  As I write this email the sun is rising over the clouds from 30,000 feet.  The sun is committed to rising.  The sun has true commitment.

Now here’s a million dollar question:

Can you bring that same commitment as the sun to make your business grow consistently.

Look: when I first heard that results could be that predictable I said no way.

And I was right.  It wasn’t possible.

I was committed to it not being possible.  If I accepted the law of commitment as true, then I would have to take responsibility for not getting results.

I wasn’t ready for that.

Though a few grey hairs later I realized a few things.  I was working more hours than ever…  And still not getting results.

I decided to check my ego as I was sick and tired of struggling. Sick and tired of being in the same place. There was too much success going on around me to think it was the information.

So I went back and re-examined that “Law of commitment” thing.

There was my answer.  When I looked deep down, I committed to being right and collecting more information.  Getting results was secondary to my ego.

Dumb move on my part.  Though once I admitted my mistake, I could fix it.

I changed my commitment to getting results and helping others achieve better.  That was the moment my business shifted.

Without the ego, I built team around me that was much smarter than myself.  In seeking out success.  I was never again concerned with being right.  Just simply finding the truth.  That was the game changer.  I’ve stayed committed to helping entrepreneurs get results ever since.

And results have been staggering for myself and clients.

Here’s some insight to what I have been doing as well.

Very quietly over the past few months I developed an entry level program uses the law of commitment to help entrepreneurs go from stuck in their business to take it to the bank results.

People who were stuck now getting results.

And I mean I’ve worked with people who are STUCK.  One of the guys I worked with (we’ll call him Joe) was bumping along at 3K a month for 5 years.

Three months later Joe’s doing 12K.

And Joes not the only one.

All of these results have not been from flashy new marketing strategies.

Actually quite the opposite.

Results have been from going back to being committed to the end goal.  Removing psychological obstacles when they get in the way.  Teamwork and commitment.

Are you committed to getting results?

If you are, we are starting another round of the program now termed the “Hustle Plan”

Here’s what it is.

30 days of working hand in hand to achieve the goal you’re committed to.  Support from others in a group to help you break through the barriers that have been keeping you back for too long.

It’s not cheap.  Though if you’re committed you will get massive returns.

The hustle program is  $1,000 for the month.  Severely discounted from my normal monthly fees.

Here’s why I do it:

I know if I help you break through levels you’ve been stuck at for years in a month you’ll want to work with me long term.  Especially when you are able to pay the fees out of money you earn in the month of working together.

Even if we don’t work together long term, I take great satisfaction from helping people get moving forward.

Heck, I’d do it for free if I could still get results.  Something I’ve learned though is if there is no financial commitment, it’s almost impossible to break through money barriers.


No commitment.

So if you want to break through some obstacles that have been holding you back for years, fill out the form below and lets talk

Understand this will not be a sales call.  I will not sell you at all.  We will discuss why you want to break through your current levels and see if you are committed to doing the work.

PS:  If you research the info product industry 1-3% of people get the intended results of the product.  70% of people never even take the plastic off.

Why?  People who sell info-products are violating the law of commitment.  It’s hard to blame them as if they sold the need to do something it could severely cut into their sales.  Selling something without a price to pay means there is no commitment.  And you’ve learned what happens in that situation

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