Do You Make These Mistakes In Sales?

Learn the remarkable system that has enabled hundreds of people to correct their mistakes in the sales process in a few short weeks.  Only 15 minutes a day is required to improve your sales results.

Many people do things in their sales conversations that they don't know kill their results.  
Many people trained in sales read countless books and have been to hundreds of seminars.  Yet, their performance lags.
People are still using "mirroring" techniques that were effective 20 years ago, but now turn prospects off.

It's astonishing how often the sales professional creates objections for buyers without even realizing it. 

Few know the exact time to talk about money or the 3 things that have to happen before you talk about money.
Even less know how to handle a prospects that seem cold (though they are interested).  

These sales people leave 3 to 5 times the amount of sales (and profit) on the table.  These flat, lifeless results makes them frustrated with sales.

What is the reason so many of us get poor results in sales and find our careers and business stunted as consequences?  Why is it that some fumble around money after having a great sales call?  Why is it that still others struggle to get the prospect hooked?

The reason for the deficiency is clear.  We discovered it after scientific tests were done thousands of times.  Most people do not sell well simply because they've never formed a habit of doing so.

What BD Growth Partners Tested In Over 10 Countries
The formation of habits comes from practice and feedback.  The great sales people, you may be sure, never needed to study sales.  No one who sells effectively thinks of these things while selling.

In todays world we have all of the technology and information in the world, yet people still struggle to sell. 


Our society, by wrong methods, has told people to read books and buy courses.  This method has failed to produce results.

We've made sales a hard task to learn instead of a fun game to play. 

This has made sales a disgrace and something to look down upon.

In that point lays the real difference between the BD Growth Method and that of other products.

By means of a unique training method BD Growth Partners secured more improvement in their clients in 5 weeks than previously had been obtained by similar people in over a year of sales training and seminars.
There was no guesswork about the results as well.  It was cold hard cash in the bank increases.

Amazing as the improvement was, more interesting was the excitement and lack of anxiety people had around sales.

It became like playing a game with a clear path to victory.
The basic principle of the new method is habit forming through feedback.  Anyone can learn to be effective at sales by getting the critical feedback at the right points.

But how do you know what is correct?
Suppose a BD Growth Partners professional was listening in on your calls.  Every time you missed something in the sales process, every time you failed to create desire, every time you failed to close well and handle objections, the professional made a small note and debriefed you after the call.

Then they showed you exactly where you went wrong, and explained how you should handle it.  
In a short time you would habitually use the correct techniques and close more sales.

If you continued to make the sale mistakes over and over, each time there would be a patient reminder and a script of what was right.

Through the sales training you would have a mentor who was on your team - a mentor who would not laugh at you or scold you when you got things wrong.  A mentor who, on the contrary, would be your secret weapon.
The BD Growth Transformational Sales Methodology does exactly that.  It is the constant companion that helps you sell with confidence and ease.

You also wouldn't have to study countless sales books or go to seminars.  Everything you already were doing well in sales you wouldn't have to go over.

No longer would you be chasing your tail trying to figure out what's wrong in the sales process.
It also doesn't take you much time to learn.  Our years of experimenting and training around the world taught us some astonishing truths.

For instance, we found that there were only 4 key areas people went wrong in the sales process.

We also found that 80% of the improvement was possible in just 15 minutes a day.
When the process of sales is made so simple, it becomes clear that progress can be made in a short time.  No more than 15 minutes a day is required.

15 minutes.  Not of reading countless sales books, but of practicing exactly what you need to improve in sales.

The work is fun as well.  You can do the work while at Starbucks or riding home in the car.  
You can take that 15 minutes usually used for doing something profitless.
Things like checking Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The results can be extraordinary.
BD Growth Partners has placed command of the sales process within the grasp of everyone.

People who take advantage of the system receive a priceless gift that cannot be measured in terms of money.
They gain the confidence that they can sell their way out of any situation again in their life.  
They gain the ability to get what they want in their life and business.

They gain the confidence and self-respect with getting the results they deserve in life.

The also get massive material rewards as well.
It's impossible to explain everything in the BD Growth Partners System in this letter. 
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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.."

-Benjamin Franklin