What 7 Figure Business Owners Do That Struggling Business Owners Don’t

Have you ever looked at someone who had a 7-figure business and wondered why they were so successful?

From the outside, the difference isn’t obvious.

The problem is, most business owners struggle to ever break six figures. When they get stuck they go rip off someone else’s business model and sales copy (info-market anyone?)

Yet, they still fail to get results.

What does the successful business owner do differently?

I learned this insights after working around the world (54 countries) in some of the toughest markets.

I love helping business owners move from “just getting by” to doubling their income and living the lifestyle they deserve, but I was fed up with seeing coaching/consulting advice that is worthless and downright harmful to most business owners. So I created the BD Growth Partners to help business owners develop and implement practical, actionable plans that create real world results in the noisy business world.

Most of the when time I get hired it’s because business owners have went out and tried what seems like everything to get results and failed.

Here’s what 7 figure business owners do that most owners don’t.

1.  Manipulating people to buy vs. market leadership through serving

Companies who are dominating their niche have influence over what direction the niche is going. They’re admired and win people over because they don’t have to rely on sleazy sales tactics. They understand their customer better and speak powerfully to them. They know their customer because they are constantly focused on serving them.

Think about Amazon – Do they ever hard sell you into anything? Or do they just continue to be there for you when you’re ready to buy?

In contrast, struggling businesses are looking for the latest and greatest sales tactics. They’re looking to hard-sell people into the program and value quick money over long term relationships.

These companies are constantly turning clients over because the sales tactics attract the wrong type of clients. These companies are extremely susceptible to changing market conditions because they don’t create a strong referral base.

Sure, these high-pressure sales tactics can help you make a quick buck, and many desperate people will do anything for a quick buck. They don’t set you up for long term success, which is what you need to get over 7 figures.

Basically what I’m saying is manipulative techniques may work for short term success, though over the long haul you’re going to get run over by the company who develops market leadership.

2.  Mastery of fundamentals vs. Chasing tactics

One of the guaranteed ways to struggle is to continuously chase business tactics.

Here’s the problem – most marketers out there (especially struggling ones) continue to sell businesses on “the one strategy” that will save their business.

It’s sold that way as that it’s easier to sell to desperate companies. These desperate companies continue to chase tactic after tactic.

Facebook won’t save your business. Neither will LinkedIn or Twitter. Without the fundamentals, none of this stuff matters.

Tactics are just gas for the engine of the car. If the car is broken and the fundamentals don’t work, the car is going nowhere.

When you master the fundamentals, what I call the LIFT Strategy, business growth becomes effortless.

Fixing the car engine is done by having an effective LIFT Strategy and using different marketing channels to leverage that LIFT Strategy.

Time spent mastering the fundamentals will fuel business growth for years.

Here’s the problem though.  Few people know the fundamentals! Most of the information you see today never addresses what matters in business.

3.  Doing what they say they’re going to do vs. having reasons.

We can simplify every business problem down to 1 thing: Someone didn’t do what they said they were going to do.

Whether it’s grow the company 20%, get more leads, make x amount of dollars. I think you get the point.

I have a question for you – What would life be like if you always accomplished what you said you would accomplish?

You knew you’d overcome any obstacles on the way. How attractive would your business be to work with?

Successful business owners use this skill-set (sometimes unconsciously) to produce results in their life.

I call the skill-set “living powerfully” or “being powerful”.

Mastery of being powerful what enables all business turnarounds.

It’s part of what I call the The Invisible Success Factors.

In contrast, struggling business owners have reasons why they aren’t getting results: Market conditions, poor employees, bad marketing, etc.

Struggling business owners spend countless hours solving these problems, though they never seem to go away…

Or similar problems pop up in different areas of their business. It’s extremely frustrating for these business owners because they are dedicated.

They’re working 80 hours a week. They’re using all the right “techniques” that they’ve been taught. They’re putting in more effort than the next guy. Though the results are still missing.

The problem is, getting these results isn’t found in some textbook.   It’s not something you can learn through reading. Results also aren’t found in some “woo-woo” textbook that tells you to yell at the top of your lungs or name it and claim it.

Getting results is all about dealing with your own nonsense that is keeping you from producing results.

The problem is, people don’t see their own nonsense.

Have you ever had a friend who was completely stuck in life? Their problem was so obvious for you to solve, though they just couldn’t see it?

They ended up running into the same problem for years, and it just drove you mad?

That is human dynamics at work. We’re designed to need other people to help solve our problems.

The challenge is, when people assist in solving our problems we rarely listen.

We think we couldn’t possibly have that problem.

That same problem we didn’t think we have can persist for months or years. Are you interested in accomplishing exactly what you said you would like to accomplish?

Finally break through and develop the skill-set to live a Powerful life?

Mastering being powerful will help you move business forward quickly in life and business.

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