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1K a month to 126K a month (part 2)

We were updating a post from June 2016 about our 3K to 73K campaign.
As of December 2016, this campaign was up to 126K a month (originally posted on

You can read the original article here:  3K to 73K a month campaign by clicking here.

So what happened to take the campaign from 70K/month to 120K a month?

Truth is, at this size it takes small changes to break the 100K/month barrier.

Typically these changes are monitored quarterly instead of each month.


Because if you go month to month, you many times miss the root action that started driving revenue.

So, here are the notes on how we got the campaign to 126K:

July – September 2016 Refine the storytelling process:

During Q3, we needed to start focusing our efforts on getting deeper into the story going on in our prospects heads.

So we refined the storytelling process.

Specifically we went into the BD Growth 7 Pillars of Marketing strategy.

Here’s what few people know about paid traffic and marketing:

As you continue to increase your ad spend, you’re going to increase your Cost per acquisition 50% or more.

A short lesson on the FB algorithm:  Your traffic quality basically has tiers.

So if you’re only spending a few $100 a day, you’re probably in tier 1 traffic.

Once you get above $300-$500 you’re getting outside tier 1 traffic.  The higher the tier traffic, the less chance you have for it to convert.

So you have to tighten your marketing story language.

In our story, we focused on 3 specific areas:

  1. Giving a clear “plan” to the problem the prospect is having
  2. Focus on the internal conflict our prospect was having (wondering if they deserve success
  3. Bringing in the “moral” conflict into the emails (Success isn’t just for the Elites)

By bringing in the “unseen” factors in marketing, we started to tap deeper into the ideal customer psychographic.

These were quite advanced concepts, but to push a business over 100K a month you have to get quite advanced.

This is what separates the haves from the have nots.

October to December 2016 – Decide on Chaos or Process

One of my favorite sayings in the world is “choose between chaos or process”.

In reality, human beings usually choose chaos.

They don’t mean to choose chaos.  They just don’t know a way out.

It’s not their fault they get stuck in it.

There is a better way!

Once we have a process that we know works, we have a choice between following the process or living in chaos.

There were a number of business areas where there was still chaos.

One by one, we turned the chaos into process.

Here were a couple of areas we created process in:

  1. Each time we shot a video, we followed our 7 pillars framework (even if we didn’t script the whole video)
  2. We created a filter to run each promotion/email series through
  3. We systematized clients first 30 days so they got faster results


What did the process do?

Jonathan was able to get some incredible testimonials from clients getting insane results.

Here’s a testimonial:


All of this was created through following the 7 pillars framework plus adding on more of the 3C process we use.

I have to give Jonathan credit.

He has bulldog determination and worked hard in the process.

Now, he has a business of his dreams.

Are you next?

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