As many of you know, one of my favorite things in life is living/working all over the world.

I’ve met 100’s of people in my travels that I still keep up with.

I see two types of travelers emerge from their experience:

One type that constantly tries to relate their experience back to their past experiences. They were enjoying the new place, and you could tell how they valued everything in their comparison.

One type seeks to create growth from their travels. They are open to learning more and aren’t attached to comparison. Their goal is to transform their views on the world to improve their experience.

This experience reminds me a lot of what I see going on in the consulting industry.

One side is focused on short-term wins and tactics. This can work, though it can create problems. This also doesn’t lend to great long-term relationships.

Just because someone had success building a webinar business in the past doesn’t mean it will work today. Markets change. People change.

And when the person keeps trying to hold on to their past… And always uses that comparison they can lead a lot of entrepreneurs astray.

Because they are unable to see the tides changing they lead people off a cliff.

It’s not that they are trying to harm anyone. It’s just how they see the world.

Just because someone isn’t talking over everyone or arguing their point of view to death doesn’t mean they aren’t convicted in their beliefs.

It just means they are seeking to always learn and grow as a human being. They are willing to step outside their ego and focus on what works.

This stance makes them excellent long-term mentors because you know they will always push the envelope
. And share the very best of what works.

They’ll constantly battle test their ideas and beliefs against the best in the world.

This creates constant growth.

It’s important to choose wisely when picking a mentor to guide you. It can be the difference between short term success and truly impacting the world around you.

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