One of the first steps to happiness is owning up to what you are good at. Because if you don’t you are screwing a lot of people around you over.

I’m going to share a bit of my story and hopefully it helps you.

This has been a painful lesson to learn.

Because it has forced me to look at some painful truths.

And realize that I’m burning up a lot of unnecessary energy.

Which can be embarrassing to say the least.

Here’s a truth:

I SUCK at social media
I’m good at marketing
I’m even better at messaging/offers…


I am WORLD CLASS at business and life coaching.

I’m not saying that to be cocky. It’s a fact.

I’d bet my ability to help entrepreneurs transform their lives against anyone out there.

I’m not just talking about money here either.

So, why do I hold back sharing so much about it?

2. My Ego

Now, #1 there isn’t much logical reason for this.

I’ve produced INSANE results for clients the past few months. Some multi-6 and multi-7 figure results. It’s not about the results…

It’s about the JUDGEMENT I get to avoid.

What’s interesting about this too is… I get to avoid judgement. And I get to JUDGE as well.

Some of the judgements in my head?

I seriously think 90% of coaching (especially the whole group mastermind model) is garbage. It’s 1 out of 50 people get real results.

(Notice how that model just like webinars is dying these days?)

And everyone is a coach.

Yet few are REALLY good at coaching.

(see the judgement trend here?)

I have to say at least those people have the balls to go out and share their message.

On to #2 and the ego.

Well that’s a doozy.

Truth: It looks good if you’re a sexy marketer producing big numbers. Having some simple flick of the wrist to put up 6 figure profits.

And I’m competitive. I really WANTED to be that sexy marketer. Truth be told those results do happen. I can compete in that world. I’m probably better than 90% of the crowd out there.

Though I’m not world class

Though it’s like my baseball career. It took every ounce of my energy to be good enough to plat division 1 baseball. I was working 50 hours a week to make it happen…

That’s a top 10% of all athletes.

Yet I was 1/10 as good as some of teammates (1 who will be a future MLB hall-a-famer)

Marketing is that same feeling as baseball. I can work really hard, though it’s not my God-given talent.

Helping people transform their lives through coaching/mentoring is.

I’m top 2% there.

Yes, I’ve been rambling on about why I avoided coaching…

Though there is a FACT that comes up.

I’m SCREWING so many people out of living a better life.

That’s what motivated me to write this post.

I’m looking at some of the results of people I coached 3-4 years ago.

They have multi-million dollar businesses and are CRUSHING IT.

More importantly, they have incredible lives.

BUT – there are so many other people I could have helped get the same type of results.

I held back. I let my ego get in the way.

I let them down.

Some of those people may now die with the music inside of them.

And I could have helped them.

That’s a gut-punch I’ve been dealing with today.

It’s not the lesson I want to teach my daughter. I know she is watching.

Here’s the deal – we ALL have these God-given gifts.

Lets make a commitment to each other – You use yours and I’ll use mine.

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