I first tried to defy the limits that society placed on me in 2002 trying to become a professional baseball player.

I was a skinny kid with a 70MPH fastball.

People told me it wasn’t physically possible to go from 70MPH to 90+.  But I had a plan.

So I found a team of experts, laid out a plan, and went to work.

It was clear there were 3 key areas:  Physical skill, physiology, and mindset.

I went about working on all 3.

18 months later, I defied the “law of nature” and developed at 92 MPH fastball and found my way to a Division 1 baseball team.

It was an incredible experience playing with now some of the highest paid players in baseball.

But a shoulder injury derailed this dream.

Deflated, I saw it was time to join the business world.  So, I went head in working 80 hours a week trying to plow my way to success.

Racking up 20K in debt and living in a friends basement, I was deflated that all the hard work wasn’t translating into profits and freedom.

Everyone told me to just “try harder” or keep working hard.

I realized that was the same mental hell I lived in with my 70MPH fastball.

In that moment in 2007, I contemplated my debt, my history, and what would make me happy.  I had a few drinks to ease the pain.

Then, I had an epiphany: What if I applied the same skills I learned from baseball to business?

So I decided to apply the same skillsets I learned defying odds in baseball to business….

What if I worked on physical skill, physiology, and mindset for my business?

And in that moment in that bar when my only option seemed to be to give up,  I made a decision to run with it.  That was the year I had my first 200K year, while working 9 months and traveling to 35 countries in my time off.

It was the first time I saw that I could defy reality any time I chose.

About Bryan Rider

Bryan Rider is a traveler (75 countries), business builder, and business partner for a number of companies around the globe.  He has owned/operated 5 businesses over 2 million dollars of revenue.

His client list includes 2 billionaires, a Prime Minister and over 100 small and medium sized businesses.  His frameworks are used to create growth while balancing personal freedom.  Bryan actively invests, advises, and mentors companies looking to grow past 7 figures WITHOUT destroying their personal lives.