This Should Frighten You

75 years ago a large group of people thought that killing all of the Jews was a good idea to move the world forward.
6 million Jews died (78% of the total Jewish population) by being shot, gassed, tortured, poisoned, blown up, and other medical experiments.

Those are the facts.  The thing that should scare everyone is this wasn’t an isolated event.  The same thing happened 40 years later in Asia when 3 million Cambodians were killed by the Khmer Rouge.

It was sobering to walk the grounds of Auschwitz-Berkenau yesterday.

So much death, hatred, and anger.

What’s more frightening is that hatred and anger was MANUFACTURED by leadership in both countries.

Leaders using mass influence techniques to make people believe that a minority group should die.

Yes, that should frighten you.

It’s mass control.

(If you want to learn more on how these groups used mass control, send me a quick email and I’ll send you a link to a show that explains it all).

Working across the world I’ve seen systematic programing used in this way.  I’ve been trained so I can identify mass control techniques and not become susceptible to them.

It frightens me.

I’ve never wanted to share or talk much about mass influence.  These influence techniques can be deadly in the wrong hands.

Though by not sharing them, it was like preparing you with a knife to go into a gunfight.

Now, influence in the right hands can change the world for the better.

If you’re following me here I’m going to assume it’s in the right hands.

I’m placing these techniques in your hands to allow you to grow your business and help more people in the world.

We need more people like you and me.

In the BD GROWTH Invisible Sales System I share how to spot mass influence and systematically alter that belief.

If you buy the BD Growth Invisible Sales System, you have to promise to only use that technique for good.

Before you ask “why would you teach people these techniques?” I’ll be clear why:

  1. If you are aware of them, you can spot them and then they have no power over you.
    2. If you see people headed for a train wreck in life you can help alter their path and point them in the right direction.
    3.     These will help you live the life you truly want.

The truth is these mass influence techniques are not going away. 

The only question is: will you allow someone to control you with them?

Or will you learn to control your own destiny by mastering these techniques?

Your choice.

If you’d like to buy BD Growth Invisible Influence Sales System so you can learn these mass influence techniques, you can by clicking on the link below:

BD Growth Invisible Influence Sales System

If you’d like to know more how the Invisible Influence works, then you can check out the webinar.

PS:  Sad day seeing where almost 1.5 million people were murdered innocently.  No pictures out of respect for the victims.

They had no choice.  They had no other alternative.

It’s invigorated me to help give entrepreneurs more choice.

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