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The ART of influencing prospects

There is little more satisfying than the feeling of helping a prospect buy for THEIR reasons.

Yet, for most people the influence dance is worse than pulling teeth. They seem to not be able to get prospects to buy EVEN if it makes logical sense.

So what’s the difference between someone who consistently influences prospects to buy and someone who struggles to makes sales?

The difference between companies who struggle to break six figures and companies that do 7 figures and more comes down to mastering the art of influencing prospects.

Where most business owners get stuck is they don’t understand the Art of Persuasion to the depth required to makes sales.
To gain that understanding, it usually takes some powerful mentoring or quite a long time of trial and error to get it right.

Once the art of influence is mastered, it’s a game changer for business.

If you’re working on mastering the art, here are 3 key components you need to focus on.

1. Clarity Of Result

It’s a common misconception that people will simply buy your services so they make more money. People usually need to beat their head against the walls trying to do this before they agree that doesn’t work.

So what then are prospects really looking for?

Ultimately, they are looking to get away or avoid pain. There are 3 types of avoidance: Avoid pain right now, get away from pain right now, and avoid pain in the future.

Clarity of result is showing someone clearly how he or she will be able to deal with getting away from pain.

If you can make crystal clear how that’s done, you’ll be a leg up on your competition.

2.  Intellectual Stimulation

Getting people to buy for their own reasons has everything to do with putting together an intellectually compelling argument and letting them choose.

Most people work on guilting or shaming people into buying products and services.

While that can be a short-term fix, it leads clients into rebellion. If you’ve ever seen people write hate mail about services, you know what I meant.

Stimulating someone into thinking through the problem for himself or herself empowers them and build trust in the relationship.EMPOWERMENT: MASSIVE RESULTS.


By mastering this component you get much happier and committed clients.

3.  Integrity

The lynchpin of success in influence centers on integrity.

This weekend I got an email from a guy who claims to have grown his business from 1 million to 4 million and would help others do the same.

Yet, I see his other posts on his personal page about how he’s struggling to sign clients.

Somehow, he thinks putting on that massive show will help him win clients.

Now, let’s be clear: this guy has integrity about not having integrity. Maybe that works for him.

Yet more often than not in my experience that blows up in your face. Massively.

Many people don’t realize you are much more influential about having 100% integrity in life and business.

If there is a flaw in your business or product, tell people about it. Don’t be shy. Then simply demonstrate how you’ve handled that flaw or how it isn’t a big deal.

People think talking about flaws hurt performance. Though my research shows it can be one of the most powerful things to enhance performance.

Take action on these 3 steps and your business will be light years ahead of your competitors.


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