Why you should test your marketing messages on Linkedin

Are you a business owner, coach, or consultant who wants to generate more leads?

Want to learn how to zero in on your most highly qualified prospects without getting into the headaches of paid traffic?

Learn how to with messages on Linkedin.

I’m going to show you the most cost effective way create lead momentum in your marketplace.

Last year Facebook was the craze to create clients on demand. Almost anyone could throw up an ad and get some clients ringing at the door.

Now, as the platform has matured anyone without a proven sales funnel needs a $15,000+ budget or they are going to have a hard time getting started. If you look at the next best option (Google) your budget may need to be more.

The problem is Facebook is becoming more complex. It’s constantly changing which creates a headache for most people. They spend all of their time figuring out FB instead of having conversations with clients.

In general, paid advertising is becoming an extremely expensive and difficult place to test business ideas.

The good news is, you now have a great alternative that is much more consistent: Linkedin

Linkedin is built for companies that have a high value sales process in the B2B and B2C markets.

We have started moving almost all of our initial client testing to Linkedin.


The ability to generate high quality leads at a fixed price.

Testing a business concept with paid traffic usually takes 30-90 days and costs 10K-20K depending on ad spend.

Many time highly qualified leads on Facebook are in the $50-$200 range depending on industry. All of this is assuming you have a solid sales funnel.

You can test for a fraction of the cost on Linkedin.

As well as with Linkedin, you do not need an extensive sales funnel to make it work.

Here’s what you need to do to validate your idea:

  1. Optimize your profile for your target audience.

    Like all marketing, your profile is like a landing page. It needs to speak effectively to you target audience and invite them in to want to know more.

  2. Create a messaging strategy for old contacts.

    Business is all about cultivating relationships. Why not tap into your relationships to create possible conversations.

    We recently did a messaging campaign for 400 old contacts and created 50 conversations.

    That amount of conversations would cost around $4,000 on other platforms.

  3. Start a new business development messaging campaign.

Once you have your business concept down, you can start a messaging campaign to your ideal prospects through groups, lists, or common interests.

The biggest mistake a person makes here is they go in asking for business, which is absolutely a turn-off.

A new business development campaign should be focused on building relationships and influence with prospects.

  1. Validation of messaging strategy.

After a few weeks of implementing this strategy, you have a pretty good idea if your message works in the market or it needs some work.

Due to the fact that Linkedin is highly relationship based as well, you can overcome an imperfect messaging strategy (unlike on Facebook or Google).

The best thing about the strategy is it can be done by just putting some elbow grease in or you can outsource all of the work.

Simple. Effective. Profitable.

You don’t need to have a lot of marketing materials as well to make this work.

The advantages of testing on Linkedin are the speed of implementation and the lack of heavy marketing resources to make it work.

If you’re off on the test, you’re only out some man hours or the cost of someone running the messaging campaign.

If you’d like help setting up your messaging campaign and having someone do it for you, then fill out the form and someone will get in touch with you.

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