Effortless Persuasion

  • The counter-intuitive system of influencing prospects to buy

  • Learn the strategy responsible for selling over $117 million in 50 countries

  • Lessons from what 7 figure companies do that 6 figure companies don’t

How to sell like James Bond

A jet-black tuxedo, beautiful woman, and a vodka martini.

World Travels. Impossible missions. Ingenious gadgets.

The ability to influence anyone, anywhere.

Bond never had to jump at the top of the mountain and tell how good he is.

People know.

He walks into the room and everyone knows.

People listen. Women want him. Men would kill to be him.

The question is how do you develop influence like him?

Here are 3 powerful distinctions you can make to take complete control of your audience.

These powerful distinctions allowed me to travel the world as a consultant (50 countries) eat at some of the best places in the world and have the experiences of a lifetime.

1.  Know your definitive experience: Play at the biggest levels and there is always a focus on the definitive experience. People don’t know about it, Bond knows about it.

When anyone comes into contact with you (and you want to buy the kind of toys James Bond does) there should be a definitive experience you deliver.

Most companies fall into the trap of being weak with their message. That works as well as the nice guy wanting to ask the pretty girl out. Not well.

Be powerful in your experience.

2.  Edgy Delivery: If your message doesn’t piss someone off in the room, you’re not going into the “core emotions”. The core emotions are what determine if someone buys or sells your product (not the wonderful logic everyone things).

Your core emotion is going to dig so deep into a prospects psychology that it’s either going to get them to buy or they are going to have a pretty strong physiological reaction.

We’re not talking about surface stuff. Deep subconscious beliefs. It’s a power that few should possess.

(If you learn to do this and don’t use it for good you’re a thief.)

3. Irresistible Intrigue: The edgy delivery and definitive purpose done right cause the prospect to keep listening, no matter how they feel about the message.

It’s impossible for them to stop.

Human beings are wired to continue to follow the allure of the message. It’s much more powerful than any drug out there if done effectively.

Sadly, most companies miss these three traits and they wonder why their offers fall on deaf ears.

Even the best copywriter in the world can’t save a company without these.

Invisible Influence Template

  • Master the art of effortlessly influencing your prospects

  • Techniques that 7 figure companies master that 6 figure companies don't

  • Learn the formula responsible for selling over $117 million in 50 countries

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