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Creating A 7 Figure Business With Integrity

Most people are too busy doing things that don’t matter to make any money.

I used to work hard. The 18 hour days. The 7-day weeks.

But I didn’t start making great money until I did less – a lot less in my business. For example, this blog post took me about an hour to write and with a little luck, should earn me $100,000, maybe even $200,000 dollars.

I do this building a business with integrity.

So what helped me go from working so many hours to producing results in a third of the time?

Showing up powerfully in the world.

Now, this is contradictory to everything else you’ve probably been told about business up until this point.  But stay with me, I’ll show you how you can show up powerfully in the world as well.

Now, don’t think it’s as simple as one great blog post to go out and make that kind of money. That’s far from the truth. I’m not going to use the sales tactic to tell you that you can do it without doing any work.

What I am going to say is all of the sales tactics, great books, flavor of the month ideas or social media strategies WILL NOT get you results unless you show up powerfully.

Think of the lie you’ve been sold up until this point by thieves in the night – Always making you feel like you were one step away from gold…

Think about it – Just as a home with a disintegrating foundation cannot be saved by better countertops and a nicer table, neither can you turn your business around by not addressing the core problem.

Learning to show up powerfully creates a new foundation.

3 Ways You Know You’re Showing Up Powerfully

Here are three things that will help you get access to living powerfully:

  1. Learn to do what you say you’re going to do in the timeframe you say you’re going to do it.

What would your life be like if you just simply did whatever you said you were going to do?

People would be able to depend in you to get results and you’d be able to create whatever you wanted in life.

Have you said you’re going to get X results and haven’t done it yet? Well then, you haven’t done what you say you’re going to do in the timeframe you say you’re going to do it.

Now you know where you need to start working.

Learning to do what you say you’re going to do in the timeframe you say it is a CORE pillar of showing up and living powerfully.

People who are struggling have failed over and over in this regard and don’t trust themselves anymore. That lack of trust in self is disastrous for results.

  1. Get clear on “What you live vs. what you know”.

Get a whiteboard out (or piece of paper) and make these two columns: What I live as well as What I know.

Now in each column take areas of your life and list them in the category they fit in.

Not sure what category to put something in? Here’s a clear indicator – Are you getting results in that area of your life? If yes, then you are LIVING it.

Knowing something is great, it just won’t make much difference in your life unless you live it on a daily basis. Some of the smartest business people I know are content on knowing more than everyone else in the marketplace… Yet they never accomplish much because they don’t use their ideas in their business.

  1. Never Collapse Realities

Most people who are struggling to produce results are collapsing two are more unrelated things together. This collapsing of “realities” keeps them stuck.

An example I hear all the time is when someone says “I’d like to work together, but I don’t have the money. They don’t see that they have two separate situations at hand. Wanting to work together is one issue, and not having the money is a completely separate reality.
The more people collapse realities together, the less freedom they have to solve the issues separately.

If you choose to not collapse realities, you see that there are two separate issues at hand.

Wanting to work together is a choice. I take people at their word so if they choose to work with me; they are empowered in that choice.

Not having the money is a temporary event in their life that is easy to overcome, if they choose.

Now, when the realities are not collapsed we can go about addressing how to create the money. Fresh strength is found with simplicity.

What happens when people stop collapsing realities is they are able to finally move their life forward.

If you’re looking to live powerfully, use all three of these distinctions on a daily basis and see how life moves forward.

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