The Dirty Little Secret Of Marketers

Today you’re going to discover a dirty little secret of the sales and marketing world.  As you learn about the dirty little secret, you’re going to learn why most marketing advice is more harmful than helpful to your business.

Now, I currently own a marketing company, a coaching company and have interests in a number of other businesses.  Today you’ll get inside knowledge into the mind of a marketer.

A few years back I went towards the “guru” model of business.  I’m sure you’ve seen it with people selling into high priced masterminds. 

Most of these have the scent of a Madoff scheme.  Making their customers feel like they are the part of a very exclusive club, mastering deception.

This is best said in this Forbes article about Madoff.

Madoff’s tack – and that of many other fraudsters – was to keep his investment formula secret.  Cialdini says that “if anybody challenged him, he threatened to kick them out.”

High prices, deception and claims about the 5-10% who are getting results.

Now, no competent businessman would ever gamble with those types of odds.

So why does this create a problem?

Because this is who everyone is listening to!  People are following these pyramid schemes blindly.


So when it comes to marketing advice, understand this:

Anyone who really, truly gets small businesses – and by that I mean has been in the trenches and knows how to take a product of service and get results – can make FAR more money owning a business and creating leverage than they can teaching others how to do it.

That’s a fact.

And I can name 2 people off the top of my head that know this and CHOOSE to teach people because they feel that’s what they are called for.

So, if you know that, why would you get people to join high priced masterminds when you could create partnerships or more leverage doing their marketing for them?

You wouldn’t.

You might do it because you love people and teaching, but you’d never do it for the money.  You’ve got better opportunities.

You WOULD do it if you didn’t know how to run a business or if you wanted to be lazy.  In the mastermind model there is no accountability for your actions.  If someone challenges you then you just throw them out.

So most marketing information out there is out of self-interest.  They know how to sell their products, but they know nothing about business.

The marketing information is written by people who don’t understand anything about business!

Most of the time they’ve just worked at a big corporation.  Never gotten their hands dirty fighting through the process of what makes a business run.

Plus, most of these marketers are broke.  So they are going to resort to desperate sales tactics, high-pressure selling and other black hat tricks.

See, that’s why most of the time you read the marketing information and it sounds good at first…  but there is no substance and it isn’t going to get you results.  At best, it’s going to help you get a little bit of results so you can buy something more expensive from the marketer.

So, if you want a system that was built from the “get results or I get fired” mentality, all of the case studies, all of the challenges integrating marketing into business where I reveal EXACTLY HOW I turned around so many businesses, it IS available.

I’ve owned or ran 5 businesses in the last 6 years that did over two million dollars in revenue.  I’ve been in the trenches with over 100 businesses to help them get turn around results.

I share few client testimonials to protect them from getting their marketing or systems ripped off.  If you’re serious about working together, you can have access to them.

Here’s the other important part of why most marketing is actually harmful:

You don’t have the CONTEXT of what the person was actually doing.  You’re left to figure that out on your own.

With my services, you’ll always get  CONTEXT around what you are doing.

With anything you buy you get personal time from me OR someone on my team that is better at the process than I am.


If that’s something you’re interested in, then click here to find out more.

When we have a conversation as well, understand we don’t extend offers to work together on the first call.  We have a meeting and decide internally if we can help you before we extend an offer to work together.

PS:  I know you’re thinking “Bryan just said that most marketers wouldn’t provide marketing help if they knew what they were doing, why is he doing it?

Great question:  Our goal with our clients is to do one of 2 things

  1. Provide so much value and return on investment that they continue to buy from us forever.
  2. Provide such high return on investment that they are interested in partnering with us to help their business go beyond 7 figures.  You don’t walk into those deals off the street.  We’ve learned we need to prove we can deliver to have that conversation.

    Either way, if you’re not interested in partnering in the future, you’re going to get the same access to marketing and coaching that works in the REAL business world.  Not fluff and filler.
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