1 Weird Trick For Tripling The Quality Of Your Leads

Mastering the online inbound sales process and getting quality leads can be one of the most difficult things you ever have to do. The good news is that once you get it right, the process will continue to pay you months and years into the future. You alleviate much of the stress that business creates. However, there are some things you should consider when you’re starting to build your inbound process.

You absolutely need to decide who you ideal client is. It sounds so simple, though 80% of the companies I work with don’t know their customer well enough. Example if your customer is a male health industry: Does he need to lose weight? Tone his muscles? Does he have health issues and can’t lose weight? Is his wife making him work out? Is he training for a fitness competition?

Now, exercising and dieting can help with all of those issues. However, when you’re inbound marketing you need to write DIFFERENTLY to each problem even though you can solve them all. The thoughts, feelings and emotions your prospect is going through is very different for each one.

Next, you need to decide where each person starts on the buyer’s cycle. Are they ready to buy today? Do they need 2-3 weeks of trust building before they buy? Are they just browsing?   Is this a new solution no one has heard of yet?

You have to map out the buyers journey and prospects buying cycle. We have an excellent program that does that, though I highly recommend the book “Great Leads” by Michael Masterson

Once you know where your prospect is at, THEN you can start to map out the sequence to bring him to a buying decision.

We call this process building “progressive agreements”. This process regularly increases sales closing percentage by 300% because it closely maps how the buyer goes about making his decision. Higher lead quality makes life easy.

So when you’re working on your sales process, take the progressive agreement process and look at what’s missing. Usually it’s a few simple changes that are needed to triple the quality of your leads and have your closing percentage and get your business moving forward.

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